Dr. Suneet Soni


Dr. Suneet Soni, the founder of Medispa Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center, India is an internationally renowned Cosmetic Surgeon.

Dr. Suneet Sonispearheaded this foundation of this organization. His hard work and result oriented way of working has helped me gain this name.
He is today an internationally acclaimed surgeon. Numerous other surgeries like, liposuction,cosmetic surgery, laser treatment and hair transplant take place at his clinic. Dr. Suneet Soni does the hair transplant using FUE and Strip method and has so far transplanted 2000. He is a
member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons, India. His Medispa Hair Transplantation CentreĀ is equipped with high hygiene standards and environments for their esteemed clients. They maintain UK standard of hygienic environment. Further still, to negate any kind of risk of infection, clinic boasts of having separate operation rooms which are dedicated to hair transplant surgery.
As numerous people plan for hair transplantation through FUT or FUE method, Dr. Suneet Soni and his clinic offers an affordability to achieve this dream. He also ensures proper guidance before beginning the process so as to make the patient stress free. The easy and comfort from the doctor and his team is a boon along with maintaining a clean and safe environment.
Medispa,offers the following which makes it consistent and popular for hair transplant: GIGA session(more than 3500 grafts per sitting)

  • Natural looking frontal hairline
  • Providing maximum Hair Density up to 75 FU per sq c.m.
  • Using magnification in each and every step of hair transplant to give more than 95% re-growth in each and every patient
  • FUE by US FDA approved S.A.F.E. system
  • Scar-less FUT method (Trychophytic Closure)
  • Combination Technique of FUE and strip method

Medispa has dedicated separate operation theaters for Hair Transplant and cosmetic surgeries to minimize risk of infection. It has most advanced and imported lasers technology to meet all cosmetic demands.

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