On a daily basis we all shed roughly 100 hairs a day- most form brushing and washing our hair. Millions of people suffer from excessive hair loss. But if you are shedding more than more than average than then it could be problem with hair cycle growth. At times hair loss is preventable whereas in some cases it may be permanent. The major problem is that women who suffer hair loss find it very much troublesome to style their hair. Curling irons or hair mousse doesn’t solve their problems. But you don’t have to make any compromises with that lifeless hair. Because we have come with some amazing tips to address your thin hair issues.


  • Physical stress may cause temporary hair loss. When you have any stressful event then it can shock the hair cycle.
  • Lack of protein diet is also one of the factors which cause hair loss.
  • Emotional stress is also less likely to account hair loss than physical stress, but it can happen.
  • Unannounced weight loss also can result in hair loss as it may stress your body


  • Choose your hairstyles wisely- some people cut their hair short just because they have thin hair. All you have to keep in mind that chooses your hairstyles wisely. You have fine hair that makes your scalp more visible whenever you style your mane. You can use volumizing product that does not volume your hair but also your life.
  • Get a haircut- one of the best ways to style your thin hair is to get a haircut like bob or pixie. Short hair has too many benefits as it can save your time which you spend in styling your hair. Moreover, short hair has chance to grow back healthier.
  • Limit how often you use heat tools- thin hair probably means weak hair. So it is significant to take care of the strength of your mane apart from styling them. Keep your hair away from heating tools as much as you can. Well you don’t have to worry because you can style your without using heat. You can do search on the internet for easy ways to style your hair.
  • You add some layers- adding layers to long or shorter hairstyle can give the illusion of fuller hair and conceal hair loss. Further, you can ask your hair stylist to razor the ends of your hair for uneven look.
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