Hair Transplant in Jalandhar

Hairs are the wealthiest ornaments of an individual and to have thick and healthy hairs is a dream of many people. Everyone wants to have long, healthy, and dense black hairs on their scalp. However, nowadays people are so busy due to their tight schedules that they do not get time to eat nutritious food. Even they do not take care of their hairs which in turn affect the hairs severely. Almost every man and woman are suffering from the problem of hair fall. It becomes horrifying if their hairs keep on falling with no sign of stopping. Even they start avoiding social gathering, going for parties or celebrations, and meeting people due to low confidence in their appearance.

Due to continuous hair loss, people are having stressful nights. If an individual is suffering from such a severe problem, then he or she should take some serious step. They should go for Hair Transplant in Jalandhar which provides the natural and permanent solution to their concern.

Hair transplant in Jalandhar has restored happiness, smiles, and confidence of many individuals. It can prove to be life-changing for people suffering from non-stoppable hair loss. Hair transplant clinics in Jalandhar are equipped with the latest equipment, trained and experienced doctors, hi-tech machinery, and excellentfacilities for hair transplantation services at an affordable cost.

Causes of baldness

There are many reasons which can cause baldness. Some of them are aging, improper diet, lack of vitamins, and micronutrients, excess stress, anxiety, and worries, hereditary, hormonal factors, medical conditions, and lifestyle changes etc. These reasons may vary from person to person.

What does hair transplantation Surgery mean?

Hair transplantation is a delicate cosmetic surgical procedure to regain the lost hairs. It is a procedure that tackles with the hair loss, hair thinning, or male pattern baldness by transferring an individual’s real hair to an area with bald patches. In hair transplantation process, removal of hair follicles from the donor site is done.The donor site should be hair rich area where hairs are more resistant to thinning and balding. Then, these hair groups are inserted into the recipient site where thinning and baldness occurs.

Techniques used in Hair Transplantation in Jalandhar-

FUT and FUE are two of the hair transplant treatment techniques practiced nowadays by surgeons in Jalandhar-

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)-

FUE hair transplant technique uses the latest technology. In FUE Transplant in Jalandhar, individual hair follicular units are extracted from the donor area which is carefully placed and planted onto the recipient area. The relocated hair follicles will then keep growing same as the natural hairs.FUE Transplant in Jalandhar leaves behind no scar marks of cut so there are no sutures.

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)-

FUThair transplant technique is the conventional technique. In this, the strip of scalp containing healthy hairs is extracted. Then, follicular units are extracted from this strip. The extracted follicular units are then transplanted onto the recipient site. In FUT, transplantation of thousands of grafts can be done in the single session. This technique is less time-consuming than FUE. But, sutures are involved in this technique.

What does Postoperative care include?

Some precautions need to be taken after hair transplant treatment as it is a delicate procedure.

  1. Start shampooing as per doctor’s recommendation.
  2. Keep the scalp dry especially on the first day after treatment to allow the skin to heal.
  3. Don’t expose the recipient area to direct sunlight for a few days after the procedure.
  4. Keep the area around the recipient site clean throughout recovery.

Hair Transplant Cost in Jalandhar

The hair transplant cost in Jalandhar is not too high at present. On an average, the cost of hair transplantation is around Rs30000.Out of two techniques of hair transplantation, the FUT method is cheaper than FUE method. Hair transplantation cost in Jalandhar depends on various factors such as the experience of surgeons, the extent of hair loss, the location of clinics, hair transplant technique to be used, no of grafts to be transplanted and many more. However, the cost of hair grafts in the FUT method is around Rs30-40, whereas, in the FUE method, the cost of grafting a hair is around Rs50-60.

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