Hair Transplant Cost In Kolkata

The process of hair transplantation    

 The process is in three or four steps. The very first thing is to visit your doctor and tell all your hair issues. They will provide you with full consultation like what should be your expectation? , what all techniques are available? , what are the benefits of it? , how much time and sitting it will take? , and the cost involved in it. One should also do primary research about the hair transplant on their own so that they can also understand it thoroughly. You can search for all these questions, for example, hair transplant cost in Kolkata. Then once you are satisfied with all your doubts and fears. The final plan is prepared and executed.

There are primarily two methods FUT and FUE. Follicular unit transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction are two processes have different techniques and implications. Follicular unit transplant is the old one, where one whole strip of the skin is removed and then experts take out the hair on one by one from the strip and plant it to the bald area. Whereas in Follicular Unit Extraction, the whole patch is not removed, just the individual hair follicles are extracted and planted at the receiver site. It takes a lot of time because experts need to do it then and there over the place which takes a great level of concentration and skills.

 The cost involved in the hair transplant

Deciding a cost of hair transplant is a uncertain because there are so many variable factors includes in it like, the number of grafts to be used because this differs from the patient to patient, area of the site of the receiver, availability of donor hair, sittings as per requirement of the treatment, method to be implemented, etc. to know the exact cost, one has to step down to the clinic and meet experts for the same.

It is noticed from past few years that hair transplant cost in Kolkata is affordable, as Kolkata has grown good with the technological advancement. Kolkata’s people are early adopters of modern and complicated technological innovations. One can find experienced surgeons, who are performing this task from ages. They have hands on to the critical situations before, during and after the surgery.

 Hair transplantation a cure to lower self-esteem

Once you are done with the surgery, it will take approximately 7 to 8 or sometimes 9 months to grow your hair back. It is the easiest and effective way to gain your hair, not only your hair but lost self-confidence as well.

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