Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In USA

Shedding few strands of your hair is normal but shedding them in bulk is an alarming signal and could be a hair-loss.  Hair Loss most commonly known as baldness has become the biggest nightmare of today. The problem can be seen in almost 60% of men and 10% of women today. There have been various causes due to which the problem occurs and treating it tactfully is a matter of serious concern.

Hair loss can mean thinning of the hair or losing hair along the top and upper sides of the head. Hair are something we relate to prestige and losing hair means losing a part of ourselves and thus giving up on our self-esteem. Best hair transplant surgeon in USA is a solution to all such hair loss problems. However, the process doesn’t have a good market in India due to the hair loss treatment products widely available in the market; it is doing extremely well overseas. As per the current scenario very soon hair transplantation would be the most preferred solution to overcome hair loss problems. Of lately, it has created a buzz among the market and not only people suffering from baldness but also the ones who wish to alter their hairlines are undergoing transplantation.

Hair transplantation strategies have been prevalent in the U.S since 1950s and as the time has progressed we have seen a huge advancement in the technology. With such advancements, the techniques used during the surgery have drastically been improved. Transplantation surgery is the one in which a doctor moves already existing hair on your scalp to the area which has thin hair or no hair. FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery) and FUE (follicular unit extraction) are two distinct strategies adopted by the surgeons while performing the surgery. Best hair transplant surgeon in USA  is highly affordable.
When the surgeon adopts FUSS he cleans the scalp and injects the back of the head in order to numb it. Then a 6 inch to 10inch strip of the skin is removed from the back of the head. This strip is then divided into 500 to 200 tiny layers. This depends on the colour, thickness, size of the area of transplant. The process generally consumes 4 to 8 hours. Several precautions need to be taken after the surgery. New growth is witnessed within few months. However, the transplanted hair starts to fall out within 2 to 3 weeks.
The surgery is a bit complicated and therefore is pretty expensive due the modern technology used. This surgery doesn’t fall under any type of insurance but would cost from $ 4000 to $ 15000 if getting it from abroad. However, if getting the same from India it would cost $1000 minimum i.e. approximately 10000/- and 30000/- to 40000/- maximum. However, the cost of the surgery depends upon the number of grafts. The higher the number of grafts the more is the cost of the transplant and vice versa. To our astonishment, we can get a loan for our hair transplantation surgery in USA. And now isn’t this great? Let’s be quick in our decision!


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