Welfare Abroad hair specialists created another article for those who are considering Hair Transplant in Turkey.
As we all know, loss of hair is an issue that affects countless people worldwide. know more about Best hair transplant surgeon in the world, visit us. To a considerable extent, a lot of these causes are known. Let’s start with one of the popular myths:

Unlimited Number Of Grafts
With the trend of having treatments abroad, especially having hair transplant abroad, many companies emerged to address the need. The competition became fiercer than ever, and this lead some of the sheep to lose their way. As a result, misinformation increased and potential hair transplant patients became more confused than ever.

One of the golden rules of hair transplant, as in life itself, is: Balance. Everything is at its best when there is balance, just like the nature. So, there should be a balance between the number of grafts that is going to be extracted from the donor area, and the number of grafts that is needed to cover the receding areas. Planting more grafts than needed means losing unnecessary amount of density on the back of the head, so there is no point in bargaining about the graft numbers.

Some have firmly held onto the opinion that the utilization of shampoo unavoidably accelerates the hair loss. This is not true and the cause is that shampoo stays on the surface of the hair and scalp. The shampoo does not permeate into the origin of the hair strands. The hair appears to come off during washing is only a part of the body normal shedding process.

Hair Styles
Another concern frequently raised has to do with hairstyles. The opinion held in this case is that designs that keep the hair taut and also the use of blow dryers cause prevalent loss of hair. There is some element of truth in this in the fact that taut hairdos like tight ponytails and cornrows cause breaking of hair. Same thing goes for regular blow drying as hair does endeavor the hair roots and therefore cause breaking of hair. The effect of taut hairdos and the continued blow drying is little bald patches called traction alopecia, not prevalent loss of hair.

A 3rd hair loss myth is the maternal genes are the one accountable for causing male baldness. Baldness is not primarily due to either the maternal or paternal genes.

Wearing A Cap?
The next frequently quoted hair loss myth is the fact the fact the fact that wearing a tight fitting cap prevents efficient hair growth and finally leads to baldness. The explanation given might be that the hair doesn’t get adequate room, daylight, and aeration necessary for efficient growth. Latest researches only support the idea that hair growth is being stunted by wearing caps very tightly. The result would only be important if this happens on a regular basis and over an amount of time. Otherwise, a standard fitting cap is in fact offers protection from sunburn.

Utilization of hair dyes
Another myth is the utilization of hair dyes may cause loss of hair. Well, though hair dyes do contain substances, there’s no scientific evidence showing that hair dyes cause loss of hair.

Can Cold Water Harm?
Lastly, does washing with cold water result in loss of hair? The answer is no. Washing the mind with cold water enhances blood circulation in the scalp.
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