With the advent of cosmetic surgery, Hair transplant in India is the easiest and the most common way of getting rid of baldness. As grafting of hair is a complex and time consuming process, it must be done under the supervision and guidance of a distinguished surgeon/doctor.

Although, there are no repercussions of hair transplant the cosmetic way; however, every scalp and hair have a story, thus, it should be first studied and then implemented. The best person for this to study is the surgeon who has a success story to tell.

So far, the Hair transplant treatment in India has shown the best result and hence, is the most sought after treatment to baldness as opposed to liquids and other treatments. As a renowned surgeon is advised, it is important to follow precautionary methods for the treatment. She/he transfers grafts the hair follicles keepingin mind the implications if any. It is due to these implications, that one is advised to visit only the best cosmetologist for the hair transplant in India. In this position, the surgeon will be able to justify his work only if the patient reveals all his past medical history. By medical history, we mean any other medical disease that has happened to the person undergoing hair transplant in India. As many other diseases, like diabetes and Lupus are also causes of hair fall, it is imperative that the surgeon knows the patient’s medical history well. There are some medicines, that interfere with the hair transplant procedure, thus, one must not only tell the disease, but also mention the types of medicines and the brand of medicine too.

The best surgeon for hair transplant in India can be distinguished only by these basic, yet significant habits of knowing the medicines first before implying grafting. The history of the surgeon too, must be clear and successful allowing the patient to make correct choice.

For instance, if one is a heart patient, the cosmetologist may ask you to stop taking the medication for at least a week. This is usually done prior to a week of hair transplant in India. The reason is simple, the medicines consumed for heart act as blood thinner. This can lead to issues during hair transplant. Thus, it is advised that the patient must not only consult the hair transplant specialist but also a heart specialist so that he/she can comprehend the intensity of the procedure and apprise them too.

Any medical or cosmetic surgery expects some amount of rest from the patient. The hair grafting must be followed by rest, proper diet and good care for a few days. This is a day’s process and typically is done on an outpatient basis so the patient does not have to spend a night in the hospital. The surgery takes few hours and hence, the patient is ready to go home the same day; however, the recovery time is different for different patients. So before undergoing the process, a good consultation from a distinguished doctor is recommended. Other doubts which are specific and needs through study can be cleared by a session with a specialist. To determine the outcome, a specialist’s session is recommended and needed.


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