In the recent times, the techniques of hair transplant have drastically evolved. The innovation in the technique is due to give patient the most natural looking result. Over the years, it has been seen that innovative procedures break through and assisted thousands of patients suffering from disappearing hair lines or baldness patterns, in order to get a head, they have always wanted.
Scalp Micropigmentation is a latest innovative procedure that has evolved out of cosmetic enhancement and looks to deliver alternative for those looking to rectify the issue of receding hair. You can easily get this service from a hair transplant clinic.

What is scalp micropigmentation?
Scalp micropigmentation is also known as Medical Hairline Tattoo. It is a non-surgical procedure for both men and women where the natural pigment is applied at the epidermal level of the scalp. It is used to replicate the appearance naturally of hair strands. This medical hairline tattoo adds pigment to the scalp in tiny dots, to mimic the appearance of short hairs.These tiny dots give the appearance of a shaved head and also helps to define a visible hairline.

Who is best well-matched to scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is an excellent option for the patients who have bald patched, scarring head, or receding hairlines. The tattoo procedure can also be used on other parts body. the best example to explain this is, a woman who have over plucked their eyebrows,Scalp micropigmentation can help them to thicken up their brows in appearance.
Is scalp micropigmentation permanent or temporary?
you can get Scalp micropigmentation service permanent or temporary depending upon your requirement. The cost of Scalp micropigmentation can range from £2,000 – £3,000 for a single procedure. However, there are different pros and cons to both temporary and permanent scalp micropigmentation, while it all comes down to how you want to style it and period of time.
The procedure can either be temporary or permanent depending on your desired results and usually costs around £2,000 – £3,000 for the procedure. There are plenty of pros and cons to both temporary and permanent, but it all comes down to how you want to style your hair long term.
How long does scalp micropigmentation take?
The complete procedure of scalp micropigmentation can take from 3 to 5 hours depending upon the how severe is your balding and the desired area you can to cover. Some patients might have to take from 2 to 3 sessions to get desired results.
Will the micropigmentation fade over time?
The ink used in scalp micropigmentation is different that is used in traditional tattoos, however the ink will not change its colour over time.

The scalp micropigmentation gives the presence of a closely shaven head, by additionto pigment where you would typically see short hair follicles grow. The procedure can help those that want to clearly define their hairline, but don’t want to undergo aFUT hair transplant or an FUE hair transplant.
Selecting to get a scalp micropigmentation technique can aid to fill out any balding or receding hairline and much like other hair transplant measures, can help to boost self-assurance and confidence. For more information ask you hair transplant clinic.


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