Hair restoration can significantly improve the general sense of well-being and appearance for a right candidate. While, not everyone is a right candidate for this surgery. Those who are must have genuine hopes before undertaking a hair transplant process.

It is important to remember that, everyone has a limited number of hair donor that can be transferred to the thinning regions of the scalp. If those hairs are not used in the most effective manner, the outcome of the procedure might not might your expectations.

However, after your all attempts to resort, surgery should be last option to restrict the hair loss. If you’re one of the them who is under that impression, that small surgeries like this in the only practical way to address your hair loss problems, then you are mistaken. Male pattern baldness has become one of the most common problem.

Patients with a substantial volume of hair on their scalps run the danger of “shock loss” of some or much of their existing hair caused by the trauma of the surgical procedure. In majority of the cases, the hair last will not be recovered and you would be left with thin hair than previous hair procedure. This is just one reason why understanding whether or not you are a virtuous candidate for the procedure is so important.

The best candidates for hair restoration surgery are:

    • A person who has been losing their hair due to male pattern baldness for over 5 years or developed the class 3.
    • Men who have genuine hopes and who know that their hair loss might endure to develop after surgery, even if they are captivating medicines to control the problems of hair loss. Some men have to remain on these medications afterward surgery to recollect as much of their hair as possible.
    • Men who have been balding for several years, whose hair lining pattern has alleviated, and who are interested in adding some hair to provide a younger presence.
    • Men and women both who have lost hair because of burns or trauma.
    • Men and women who have lost hair due to other cosmetic procedures such as face lifts.


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