Hair loss is a grave problem and dandruff is one of the prime reasons that cause hair loss. Dandruff stimulates hair loss as it dries the scalp eventually loosing moisture. This makes the hair weak and causes hair loss. Hair loss and Dandruff can arise on a dry skin, which is deprived of oil, causing itchiness. It can also occur due to disease called psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis and eczema. These diseases happen due to factors such as poor living conditions when the hair is not washed regularly, from air pollution, stress or unhealthy eating habits.

Most common cause of dandruff is the excessive sebum production in the scalp, increase in other scalp secretions and a rise in the number of normal scalp yeasts. People suffering from dandruff have dry scalp. As a result, their hair follicles lose their moisture content, and soon loosen out from the roots.

Possible triggers for dandruff are chronic illness, heredity, stress, poor hygiene, scalp sweating, low immunity, hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, excessive use of hair care cosmetics, consumption of fatty and sugary food, infrequent shampooing, hot and humid or cold and dry weather, etc. Another reason for dandruff is the scalp-dwelling fungus Malasseziaglobosa (M. globosa). You can also easily get an excellent source for financing a hair transplant.

In people without dandruff, usually it takes about 30 days for a crop of new skin cells to mature, die and shed. However, in people with dandruff, it may take only 2-7 days.

There are several remedies available to treat dandruff and prevent hair loss. Some of hair loss home remedies are explained below:

Use anti-dandruff shampoos available over the counter or prescribed by your doctors
Expose your scalp to sunlight daily. Exposure to sunlight will supply necessary amount of Vitamin E to the scalp, which is an essential nutrient for hair growth.

Dandruff and hair damage can also be treated through oral steroids or oral anti-fungal pills.

Use hair lotions like Hylix to massage the hair. This will reduce itching and hair loss due to dandruff.

Avoid red meat, caffeinated and carbonated beverages, pickles and sweets.
Adopt necessary measures to reduce stress. Yoga and meditation are the best ways to reduce stress.

According to a recent report scientists have identified new enzyme that promotes the growth of fungus, which is primarily responsible for dandruff in human beings. This discovery is pointing scientists toward a much-needed new treatment for dandruff. The advance is the topic of a report in ACS’ Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Financing a hair transplant can also be a big challenge.

Shampoos and other dandruff treatments contain anti-fungal agents like ketoconazole; however, they often do not suffice since these compounds are not very effective at preventing and treating dandruff.

Sulfonamides, a family of existing antibiotic medicines, were more effective in preventing the fungus’s growth than ketoconazole, so scientists believe that the enzyme is a prime target for developing better anti-dandruff medicines.

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