Home is where the world is. Treat of hair loss for men begin right at home and there are many remedies and treatments to select from. The things that are used in this treatment are very much available at home.
Some effective treatments are preparing a paste of egg while and olive oil. This mixture is to be applied on scalp and hair strands. After this application, a shower cap is to be put on head. The affected person is to be left for 25 minutes. Then, hair is to be washed with application of regular grade shampoo. Care is to be taken to wipe hair with towel gently. This process of treatment is to be repeated once a week.

Another very effective treatment is related to massaging hair with mustard oil and henna. Then, onion is also a very potent thing to nourish hair and thereby prevent hair loss. A slice of onion is to be applied/rubbed on the affected area till it becomes red. Aloe Vera that is quite easily available could be mixed with wheat germ oil along with coconut milk. After this, the head is to be covered with shower cap. Since this paste will be rich in Vitamins; A,D, E, B, the affected area will get the required nutrients to heal the affected are, and hence prevent further hair loss.

Aloe Vera also balances the PH value, and thereby cures itching, any kind of infection, dandruff and other hair damaging developments. Still another treatment available at home calls for a fenugreek seeds that are grind with water and then applied on scalp. This thickly formation when applied on scalp has quite a healthy effect on the overall health of hair.

Last but not the least, inclusion of minerals in dietary patterns and avoidance of junk food is also an effective treatment. Paste of black pepper and lime seeds that are crushed when applied on scalp can also give the required stimulus to hair.

Coconut oil that is time tested remedy for hair loss and general nourishment if applied overnight, and then hair washed gently will definitely reap benefits.

Red grams that are mixed with pigeon pea and formed into a paste and applied gently on scalp throughout the head. This will help lend strength to the follicles and helping make roots stronger.
Castor oil applied through palm of hand on the hair and massaged gently is also not a bad idea especially when referring to hair grooming, their healthy development and preventing hair loss is concerned.


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