The article below will give you the insight on the reasons that cause hair fall. You may now stop wondering and read the article below to find out more about hair loss. For the people suffering from this problem, there are numerous resolutions that are available online and otherwise. As this is one the chronic problems that causes emotional problems, you may find herds of people looking for solutions online. This article will tell you the best possible and cost effective solutions for hair loss.

Hair loss being a medical condition, it can also be treated using medicines and medical treatments. Hair loss can happen to anybody, irrespective of the gender and the causes are many.

The treatment of this problem varies from problem to problem. The solution has different nature and forms. For hair treatment, the solution is sometimes in the form of liquid like shampoos and creams. Others are medicines like capsules and tablets which can be purchased from Chemists after showing a prescription.
There are certain natural hair loss treatments too. These natural treatments are sold in form of shampoos, creams and tablets. There are various bars and procedures too that are available.
However, no matter what one opts for as a solution, it is not advisable to buy any hair loss treatment without any consultation. Taking your own decision without the guidance of any expert could lead to worsening the medical condition of the hair which might be even more hazardous. So before undertaking any treatment it is vital to undergo a check-up and seek an expert’s advice.
Hair Loss is usually linked to genetic problem, some more reasons are responsible for this problem that trigger hair fall.
The three conditions that may cause you to lose your hair are:

1. Medical issues

People who are diagnosed with hair thinning usually is a result of some kind of fungal infection and other medical diseases. Sometimes, ring worms also are the reason for causing scalp infection, thereby leading to hair fall. This is one of the common causes of infections leading to hair fall and hair thinning. Other medical conditions like Lupus and Diabetes also lead to hair fall, which are perhaps the side effectsof having these medical conditions.
Similarly, the side effect of other medical therapies also is the cause of baldness in humans. A very common therapy called the Chemotherapy which is induced for diseases like Cancer is a common cause for loss of hair

2. Lack of Balanced Diet

Lack of a good diet also is one of the causes of Hair fall. Excess of one mineral or vitamin and lack of other mineral or vitamin leads to this problem. The hair losses its lustre, shine and tends to look dull when inadequate nourishment is given to the hair. This not only dulls the hair but also make the person less attractive with exposure of other kind of infection son the scalp too.
Some of the vitamins that our hair need are Vitamins A, B, C and E. One must eat food that is rich in these vitamins to prevent the dullness as well as the fall.
This intake of vitamins should be balanced with equal amount of proteins as it is because of the proteins that the hair gets it lustre. Proteins provide the strength to the hair to remain intact with the scalp and hence, are vital for human body.

3. Hair Treatments

With the advent of chemical treatments to the hair, like re-bonding and colouring involves the usage of many chemicals. The use of these chemicals repeatedly, requires equal nourishment, if not given; it results in hair fall and dryness in the hair and scalp. Once the scalp is dries the hair fall is next step. Thus, good amount of moisture is required and must be done after every chemical treatment. This will prevent and reduce the intensity of hair fall.
Also, if one likes to treat their hair chemically, then mild products must be used for the same, including a mild shampoo. There are many products that are sold in the market which fits the bill of mild products. Even the doctors in today’s day and age recommend usage of mild products or natural moisture. Use of natural products is promoted my many health organizations too.


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