Hair Transplant in Nellore

Tips for post hair transplant surgery in Nellore

Hair transplant surgery in Nellore has become very common nowadays and people are getting good results. Simply getting the treatment is not enough for long lasting results instead you need to give proper care to your new hair. This article will inform about some important tips which can help you maintaining healthy hair for your life.

Sleep In an Upright Position

Just after the hair transplant surgery, person needs to maintain an upright sleeping habit. Doctors recommend this way of sleeping so that blood can easily flow through the scalp and provide relaxation to the skin. If you find sleeping upright difficult initially then you can add two or more pillows in order to get an elevated position. Also, you can use recliner chair to sleep as it will maintain your position perfectly.

The first week just after the surgery is very crucial because the wounds are fresh and still vulnerable so it’s very important to let them heal by following a correct sleeping position. Once you will continue this position of sleeping, it will prevent swelling, irritation and excessive bleeding.

Do Not Wash Your Head Immediately After Treatment

Patient should not wash his head for about 48 hours from the treatment. This can damage the graft as they are newly planted. Physician will allow patient to wash his head but gently. Excessive rubbing can lead to pain so you should follow the process of washing as directed by the physician. People may think to keep hair unwashed for longer time but it’s not the case, new grafts need proper cleaning with shampoo but lightly. You need to have light washing till 14 days from the treatment and after that you can continue normal washing procedure.

Applying Light Pressure on the Grafts

If the patient experience bleeding or swelling on the head after washing, then it’s suggested to apply light pressure on the grafts with the help of moist cloth for around 10 to 15 minutes. This will reduce the swelling and allow proper blood flow. If the swelling persists for longer time, then you must see the doctor to avoid any further discomfort.

Prescribed Medicines Should Be Taken

Doctor prescribes the medicines after the checking the condition of the patient so its very important for the person to take those medicines to get better results. Never try to take any new medicine without doctor guidance as it can lead to reverse effects. Also, don’t try to touch the scalp till when the complete healing process is done.

Maintain Long Hair to Hide Visible Follicles

After one to two weeks of the treatment, the stitches will be taken out and scabs get healed. Some patient may suffer from ‘shadow effect’. In this effect the follicles become visible and more likely to attract dust, so it’s highly recommended to have long hairs in order to hide them. Patient can simply get procedure from the doctor for improving hair growth and maintain it. Usually, after three to four months person can see proper growth and after six months it will be natural.

Avoid Exhausting Activities

As the body blooding circulation and heart rate will affect the growth of the follicles so you should not go for any exhausting activity which increases your heart rate. Expert doctors of hair transplant in Nellore ask the patient to avoid excises like running, bike riding and playing tennis. Also, be careful while getting in and out from the vehicles as sometimes the graze hits the head. In the initial days of treatment follicles are very sensitive so proper care to be taken.

Make Changes in Your Diet to Improve Healing

Various doctors of hair transplant in Nellore will ask the patient to make changes in the diet post treatment. The healthy your diet, the healthy your hair growth. People who are unaware about the pre and post treatment diet can also refer the Internet. Those who have got the hair transplant for the first time should get regular checkup from the doctor in order to avoid any type of complications. Try to seek for the nearest surgeon so that it becomes easy to contact.

It’s time to apply above mentioned tips for post hair transplant in Nellore and get better and long lasting hair throughout your life.


Hair Transplant in Nellore

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