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Hair Transplant Best Technique

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure of re growing hair on the bald sections of scalp in a well equipped clinic by a skilled surgeon under a local anaesthesia. Hair transplant is carried out by different techniques namely
  • FUT(Follicular Unit Transplant)
  • FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • DHI(Direct Hair Implantation)
All three of them differ by their methods of applications, their permanence. Even though all three serve same purpose of hair implantation results and success rate differ. Have a look on these three methods of hair transplant.
  1. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)
FUT and FUE basically differ in the way how hair follicles are extracted from donor part. A small section of tissue is removed from the back part for hair follicles to be implanted on the desired section. Under a microscope this hair follicles are divided into single units. The back section is sewed back. FUT is preferred most in cases of extreme hair loss because it provides more scalp area for better results. Number of grafts implanted is highest in FUT compared to other hair transplant best technique.
  • Pain management- Due to potential swelling some people report high level of discomfort.
  • Scarring- Since very small sections are made during FUT scars get quickly recovered and unnoticeable even in shortest haircuts.
  • Cost- Hair transplants are charged on the number of grafts implanted. In general FUT is cheaper than FUE.
  • Advantages of fue-
  • More preferable in extreme hair loss cases. Provides better coverage.
  • Results are permanent as hair strip is taken from a safe donor portion.
  • High density of hair is achieved.
  1. Follicular unit extraction
In FUE hair follicles are randomly punched from scalp without any tissue strip being removed. This bound the surgeon to access the donor area, since each punching need space of its own and further punching need to be done at a distance  and thus number of grafts to be implanted is less than FUT.
  • Pain managemnt- Since no stitches are made and not any holes are made unlike FUT, FUE has quick recovery and less post surgery discomforts.
  • Scarring- No linear scar is left since hair is directly been removed from scalp. However tiny punch marks do remain which tends heals up in between three to seven days.
  • Cost- Since every hair follicle is been individually removed, it cost higher than FUT.
  • Advantages of fue:
  1. Can be carried on areas with lesser bald sections.
  2. Also applicable in body hair transplant
  • Independent of donor area procedure.
  1. Direct hair implantation
Its considered as hair transplant best technique in the world.  In this procedure every hair strand is taken and implanted to thinner sections of scalp. With the help of DHI patented tools, DHI implanter each hair follicle is implanted on a specific angle, direction and depth. This provides natural results with maximum viability.  The DHI implanted hair continues to grow throughout life and does not fall.
  • Advantages over traditional methods:
  • DHI is carried out by only DHI certified doctors and not technicians which ensure more safety and better results.
  • Surgery has more survival rate since minimum hair follicles are touched. Fewer donors are required.
  • DHI marks 90% of survival rate while traditional methods fluctuates between 40-50%
  • No scalpels, no stitches and thus no scars
  • Pain free process
  • Short recovery time
  • HYPOTHERMOSOL- The time where patients hair follicles are out of patient’s body they’re kept in a preservative solution called hypothermosol which is basically used in organ transplantation. This increases the viability of hair strands.
In conclusion each technique has its own positive and negative points. With the increasing craze of hair transplantation DHI is gaining more attention. Some people prefer FUT over FUE and some FUE over FUT. As far as India is concerned people choose FUT has more followers cause of cheaper treatment. Anyone who is interested in getting a hair transplant should look out on every available option and then should take a decision.

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