Hair Transplant in Kolkata

Kolkata, the cultural capital of the West Bengal is a third-most populous metropolitan city of India. It is well known for its tradition, culture, education and economy. However, this city provides the best hair transplant treatment with an affordable cost. If you are suffering from hair loss problem and looking for hair transplant surgery, then you are landed at a right place. Kolkata is a worthy selection as it is full of best hair transplant clinics and well-experienced hair transplant surgeons offering such a good and reliable hair transplant surgery with promising results. Most advanced techniques are used here in Kolkata. But, before proceeding to any decision, you should know some facts about hair transplant treatment.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a scientific surgical technique through which grafts of hair follicles are extracted from a fertile part of the body or scalp and implanted them to a bald or balding site.

Generally, a fertile part from where hairs are picked is referred as ‘donor site’ and the bald part is referred as ‘recipient site‘. Before initiating the hair transplantation surgery, a local anesthesia is given to a patient.

However, hair transplantation surgery has gained momentum from last few years after the invasion of several medical techniques which are completely safe and highly productive. Modern hair transplant techniques give a completely natural look of the hairs and have similar growth as natural hairs. There are two best modern techniques that are currently used by surgeons in hair transplant world. These are:

1) Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) – It is a method that includes harvesting or extracting of individual hair follicle containing 1 or 4 hairs from a donor site and implanting them on the recipient site. The microsurgical needle is used to puncture the bald scalp area and then the extracted grafts are inserted into the recipient area at an angle with a specific density.

2) Follicular Unit Hair Transplants(FUT) In this method, a strip of the hair follicle is harvested from the donor part(back and side of the scalp) and implanted on the bald or balding area of the scalp. Therefore, this method is also known as ‘Strip method’.

Factors responsible for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon that usually occurs due to several reasons which include improper diet, hormonal disorder, improper sleep etc. Nowadays, there is no need to worry about such a hair loss problem as there is an effective treatment i.e. Hair Transplant.

Overall wellness plays an important role in maintaining hair health. In addition, the factors such as lack of sleep, poor diet and stress also play a major role in the advancement of your hair loss. Thus, if your body is malnourished, it will hoard all vitamins and minerals to more vital organs and your hair may become worse. It is very important to take care of your health to have a healthy hair growth. You can take vitamin B-complex to help your body cope with the stress, improving your diet, and taking a multi-vitamin daily to supplement your diet along with a good sleep. With these simple steps, you can grow back your hair. If these things do not benefit you, consult a hair loss specialist immediately.

Post Hair Transplantation

An affected scalp of a patient may be in a great pain after the completion of the hair transplant surgery. He may need to take pain relief medicines for some days. The surgeon puts the bandages over the scalp for at least one or two days. He also prescribes an anti-inflammatory drug or an antibiotic to take for several days. Within the first six weeks post surgery, the transplanted hair fall out leaving their bulbs behind. But within a few months, you may notice new hair growth from the moved follicles. Afterwards, the growth of hair will be normal and continue to thicken through the next six to nine months. The Surgeon suggests the patient wash his head after six days. Even, he suggests him to wear a soft cap to avoid direct exposure to sunlight till the hair growth starts.

Hair transplantation Cost in Kolkata

Kolkata is a very cheap city in terms of treatment. The cost of hair transplantation ranges from Rs.30,000-Rs.1,35,000 depending upon the number of hair grafts required. The cost per graft varies from Rs.20 to Rs.95. Best hair transplant cost in Kolkata usually depends on the level of baldness of the patient, surgery, age, the technique used and the number of grafts required.

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