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How To Increase Hair Growth Rate After Hair Transplant

Today, hair loss is a common and recurring problem among people and they try all possible ways to cure it. Thanks to the hair transplant surgery which had shown positive outcomes to the people facing hair loss. Once, you are done with the hair transplant in Nagercoil it’s time to care for your hair growth. This article will help you in knowing the important tips through which anyone can increase hair growth after the treatment.

Cleansing and Managing Hair

The transplanted hair is the natural hair of your body so they also need proper cleansing. Shampooing them will prevent scabs and offer healthy space to grow. Doctors provide instructions to follow at the time of washing hair so never try to apply anything new which can harm your hair. Also, never rub your hair vigorously as it can damage the grafts.

Proper Eating Habits

Improper diet is one the major reason for hair loss and after you get hair transplanted, you must focus on your diet as it will assist the growth from inside. Select the foods with high protein content, dry fruits, spinach, and fish oil. Once you will follow a healthy diet for yourself you will get quick results. Doctors also recommend patients to drink plenty of water in order to save them from losing.


Medicines are very important to improve the growth rate of the hair just after the treatment so, take proper medicines prescribed by your doctor. Vitamin B6 capsules can also be taken as supplements. If you face adverse effects from the medicines then you must inform your doctor and get it changed.

Keep Your Fashion on Hold

If you love to color your hair or styling differently, then you must avoid it after hair transplant as it can damage the grafts. Also, do not blow dry your hair rather gently rub them with the towel. The time period just after the hair transplant is crucial so, you need to care your hair properly in order to keep them healthy and growing.

Check the Skin Problems

If you see white specks on your scalp then don’t worry it will heal by it. For any other skin problem, it’s suggested to contact the doctor immediately. Sometime, the patient may also have pimples on the transplanted area, but he doesn’t have to worry about as it will cure by itself in some days.

Other Key Measures

Patients are requested to protect the scalp from direct sunlight for about a month. They can apply sunscreen or get a hat to protect from the harmful sunlight. Head massage should be avoided for two to three days. Also, if the treated patient has a smoking habit then he needs to quit for at least 10 days in order to get fast results. Smoking is one of the major reasons of hair fall and if the patient continues to smoke then it becomes very difficult to regain the hair back.

After the successful hair transplant treatment, you may face hair fall for a month as it takes time to set as natural. Also, you may get irregular growth on your head because of the implanted pattern, so it’s not a concerning matter. After few months’ hair growth will be uniform and look like natural.

When it comes to talking about regular checkup and medications, it’s the duty of the patient to follow-up with the treatment center regularly. There are many centers of hair transplant in Nagercoil which maintain a weekly hair growth status of the patients and call them regularly.

If you have taken treatment from a particular surgeon of hair transplant in Nagercoil, then you can meet him directly in his place whenever you want. With the help of the internet, you can also get the contact number of your surgeons and get in touch easily.

As you are aware of the important tips to increase the hair growth after the treatment, so you can apply them and maintain healthy hair on your head. Doctors recommend patients not to smoke for about 10 days just after the treatment as it reduces the growth rate and may also lead to hair loss of the transplanted hair.

Care for your hair and achieve natural hair for entire life!

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