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Gorgeous look and beautiful hair are the two common desires of every individual. Everyone is possessive about hair.  But, there are many people who are facing the hair loss problem nowadays. However, hair loss was a common problem in men whereas 50% of the women are also going through the same hair loss problem. Continuous hair loss leads to having bald patches that can be seen all around. This creates an alarming situation for the problem affected individuals because the other people in the society tend to pass sarcastic comments on them. As a result, this problem can be a dreadful experience for both men and women who can lead to stress, anxiety and loss of confidence in them. Hair Transplantation Surgery is the best solution for those helpless men and women who are dealing with the baldness or balding problems.

Delhi is the best and cheapest place that has well experienced and talented Hair Transplant Surgeons from all over the world. Many Celebrities and Politicians suffer from baldness problem. Many of them underwent hair transplantation surgery in Delhi. Hair Transplantation in Delhi uses advance and painless techniques that provide a satisfactory result.

What is Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is one of the most popular hair loss treatments in India. It is a well-tolerated procedure with local anesthesia. In this technique, the hair follicles are removed from one part of the body to a bald or balding part of the body. This technique is earlier used to treat male pattern baldness but now it is also used to restore chest hair, pubic hair, eyebrows, beard hairs, eyelashes and many other areas. As a result, the desired natural look can be achieved by both men and women. It also gives rebirth to these people who are in stress condition due to their baldness.

Methods of Hair Transplant Surgery

There are two types of Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi. These are named as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Hair Transplants (FUT). These two procedures are fundamentally different from each other but aim to get the same results at last.

In FUT, a strip of hair follicles is extracted from the donor part (back and side of the scalp) and transplanted on to the bald or balding area of the scalp. This technique is also known as a Strip method. FUT method is less time-consuming process than FUE because strips of hair follicles are used as grafts which take less time to insert into the recipient area.

FUE is the advanced technique of hair transplantation in comparison to previous hair transplant methods. In this method, the individual hair follicle is extracted from the donor part(back of the neck) and then transplanted into the recipient part one by one.

The Process of Hair Transplantation

In the best hair transplant in Delhi, the graft is created by removing tissue from the donor zone. This small amount of tissue contains the ability to re-grow the hairs in the bald area. In the meantime, the extracted follicle units are dissected from the donor strip using stereoscopic dissecting microscopes and then preserved and prepared for insertion into the recipient area. Next, the surgeon uses the micro surgical needle to puncture the recipient side and then inserts the grafts one by one into each recipient site at an angle with appropriate depth with the aim to achieve a realistic and natural appearance. Before performing the hair transplantation surgery, local anesthesia is given to a patient.

Post Hair Transplantation

After Hair transplantation surgery is completed, a patient’s scalp may be in a deep pain. He may need to take pain relief medicine for several days. The doctor puts the bandages over the scalp for at least one or two days. He also prescribes an anti-inflammatory drug or an antibiotic to take for some days. Within the first six weeks after surgery, the transplanted hairs fall out leaving their bulbs behind. But within a few months, you notice new hair growth from the moved follicles. Afterwards, the patient’s hairs grow normally and continue to thicken through the next six to nine months. The Surgeon advises the patient to wash his head after six days. Even, he advises him to wear a soft cap to avoid direct exposure to sunlight till the hair growth starts.

Cost of Hair transplantation in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is famous for cheap and hygienic Hair Transplant. The cost of best hair transplant in Delhi depends on the patient’s level of baldness, age, surgery, the technique used for the hair transplant etc. The cost of surgery varies with the no of grafts required to complete the surgery. One graft’s cost can be in the range of Rs.20 – Rs.50. The safety of the process depends on the surgeon, the treatment given to the patient and the body of the patient. Moreover, EMI options are also available in many clinics for the convenience of the patients. The overall cost of the Hair Transplant in Delhi can range from Rs.30,000 to Rs. 1,75,000.

Hair transplantation surgery in Delhi

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