While hair loss and dandruff is a common phenomenon these days, but, it is found that this problem is more common in among men than women. Men happen to get bald as early as in their twenties. While this is owing to life style patterns, hereditary patterns, dietary intake, stress or lack of good hair health education? It is to be researched. However, as it is evident, baldness among men and that too at early stage that could be twenties, thirties or even forties, is an alarming trend, and it really affects the overall personality. While this hair loss among men if viewed from outer perspective is not that much a concern, but when seen from an inner perspective and thought pattern, a man balding at an early age, and, for that matter even in mid-fifties, takes quite a long time to come up with this natural phenomenon. Whereas, some men accept this as the natural process with open heart, and feel good about this. But, the acceptance level among most men to accept this is easier said than done. With the help of the hair loss best technique we can remove this baldness. Best hair transplant surgeon in the world are here to serve you better.

Even men are not that comfortable in accepting the graying of hair as they grow old. And, this is evident from the fact that most of men look forward to applying hair dye, henna, so that they look young. This practice has more to do with their way of carrying themselves, but at the deeper level, it is the sheer acceptance that is missing among them. The time period of getting bald after hair loss is not certain; it may take five, ten fifteen years. But it all depends upon how this trend is accepted. However, the hair loss among men ,may be in patches, getting thin from thick, and, also some would have hair loss starting from the temples, forehead, and then at the back of the heir head, then another pattern observed is from the center. It all depends upon how the hair style has been adopted by them. Moreover, it is also observed that as soon as the process of hair loss is evident, men try to cover the area(s), from where the hair loss is most happening, while others let them are as it is.

Everything boils down to the acceptance. But is hair loss and baldness are the same, or can hair loss lead to baldness? The answer is they are not the same, and it is always not like that that hair loss will lead to mail pattern baldness. The regular pattern of hair loss among men sets from temples and crown, and it is always similar among men. But, in case there are patches of hair that are falling, then that is taken as a disease termed as Alopecia. Receding hair line is not baldness, and as per the age, this has to happen among male, this is how, men have to have. It all depends upon the pattern or hair loss, and accordingly a distinction could be made between hair loss and baldness.


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