Androgenetic alopecia is suitable to cure male pattern that is genetically programmed for hair loss. This medicine prevents further hair loss. It nourishes scalp, and make strands healthy. This particular medicine is suitable in case of hair loss among men and not women. While hair loss that has been lost for a long period is not recovered, but it is suitable for not so heavy hair loss. Since more than 75% of hair loss is attributed due to androgenic alopecia, this medicine serves its purpose quite well. Some other medicines include, Rogaine is another medicine that is effective to cure and prevent hair loss both among men and women. In some cases, regret has also been experienced with its application.

In other cases, the hair loss is lessened, while in other, there has been observed a combination of the above. However, a 16 weeks application schedule is to be followed before any effect is observed. Another important fact is regularity in its usage. But there are some side effects as well, that includes increase in heart beat rate and others. Propecia is another drug that is available on prescription. It is taken in the form of a tablet, and is prescribed for men. It also has to be taken regularly before any benefits are seen. This medicine as well has some side effects that are related to descending sex drive patterns, and increasing probabilities of prostrate cancer. In case, hair loss is permanent, cosmetic surgery or hair transplant can be resorted to. But, this is very costly. This surgery calls for planting tiny plugs of hair that are taken from the back or sides of the patient’s scalp on the affected are(s).

Other medicines include in the form of Corticosteroids are there. These are injected into the scalp. Since this happens to be a very specialized treatment, it calls for a special dermatologist clinical procedures, and 4 to 6 weeks’ action plan is prepared and patient is counseled accordingly. This medicinal process is suitable for hair loss in patches. However, there are ointments/creams/gels of this medicine, and it depends upon the gravity of hair loss, that a particular treatment/medicinal method is applied on the scalp. It could also be advisable to use Corticosteroids along other complementing medicines, like, monoxides (Rogaine). However, all these medicines are not without side effects. Hence it is always advisable to follow the natural medicines that are available at home i.e. lemon, aloe Vera, coconut oil, curd, and live a healthy and balanced life, that is without much stress. It is always better to follow the old adage ‘prevention is the best cure”, in this case, it could be prevention is the best medicine to avoid hair loss.


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