Are you concerned about hair loss and thinning? If yes, then let us tell you that you are at the right place. Today we will tell you some panacea to your hair thinning problems.However, some factors for hair loss cannot be changed but other reasons may be able to be reduced or changed. A person’s tendency to go bald can be inherited from either parent. With the help of these hair loss home remedies and tips, you will get the shiny and bouncy hair of your dreams. The good news is that there are altogether no side effects to these methods.

  • Quality counts– If you believe that shampoo and conditioner alone can fight in combating hair loss, then this just work for shorter time. Eating a unhealthy diet can also cause hair loss. Hair is made up of protein so if you not having adequate protein diet then this cause iron deficiency and afterward hair starts thinning. When iron level falls below a certain point, you can experience anemia. You should include fish, dairy products, eggs, nuts, leafy green vegetables in your diet. Some people start making weird faces when someone mentions carrots and spinach. But this is very favorable for your hair. So if you want shinny and beautiful hair then you can apply mixture of this duo or can drink the juice though half-heartedly.
  • Take it easy and nice– there are numerous bad habits which you ditch right now in order to save your hair. Our hair is never more fragile and prone to breakage then when they are washed with H2o (water). Wet hair is more elastic than dry one so you should not brush hair post shower immediately. Aggressive towel-drying habit also create perfect storm for snapping it off.
    Instead of rubbing your hair you should blot with a soft towel after your shower. Here are some of the habits which you need to quit as soon as possible and be kind to your hair.
    – Avoid shampooing your hair frequently, peculiarly in case of naturally dry hair.
    – Taking certain medications can disrupt the normal cycle of hair growth and leads to hair loss. In this case ask your doctor for alternative medications.
    – If your hair is exposed to UV rays extensively then you can lose the strength and elasticity of your hair.
    – Scratching your head can also result in hair loss and thinning so relieve the itch with a shampoo which contains zinc pyrithione, tea tree oil or selenium etc.
    – Detangle you hair with wide teeth comb.
    – Try to avoid tight hairstyles.
  • Consult your doctor for Diagnosis– In case of chemotherapy treatments and radiotherapy for cancer or any severe physical or emotional trauma can cause hair loss or thinning hair (in such cases hair grow again on its own). Thinning hair can create emotional problems. Hormonal changes and post pregnancy can affect your hair. Most of the hair loss happens without other signs of illness. If you have concerns, then seek medical advice. Consult here for the Best hair transplant surgeon in the world


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