Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant is one of the most sought after method to cover the bald area of any part of the body including eyebrow, beard and the head. Although it is a surgical process, the outcome is far more noteworthy than the pain. It just in the minds of the people that they compare it with a regular surgical procedure, it unlikely, to be much different than that. The truth is that the patient does not have to spend even one night at the clinic and is discharged soon after the process is over. It involves sitting and hence is more comfortable than a regular surgery. A regular surgery involves perceptible cuts and scars, as opposed to the subtle punches that are made at the donor area which is healed faster. This just deals with a bit of mental stress, which goes away once the intensity is known to the patient.

An experienced doctor can make the pain go away in seconds and can ease the process, making it comfortable and plain sailing. The problems of the patient are boldly and largely discussed, which eases out the mental stress if any. No other stress is involved in hair transplant. Male pattern baldness can easily be removed here with our best hair transplant surgeons.

Usually, the doctor /surgeon himself treats the patients during each visit, irrespective of the number. This makes the patient comfortable with the doctor too leading to a healthy transplant as a happy mind fetches better result. This holds true for any procedure, medical or otherwise. The patient is not charged as per the number of visits, the cost is that of the number of grafts that are to be transplanted. The pre-medications give before the process makes the process even easier. These premeditations numb the scalp so the slits and the punches are not felt. To further ease out the process, the patient can read, watch TV or listen to music to feel comfortable. The whole ambiance is made conducive for the transplant, making it a wonderful experience.


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