It is important that the instructions mentioned by the surgeon be followed carefully during and after the hair transplant process. This is done in order to attain desired results and preventing from any further infection. All the clinics have their procedure and set of instructions to be followed. As hair transplant is surgery where the follicles are extracted creating scars in the scalp at the donor as well the recipient area. In this case, instructions must be followed carefully.

The patients are normally asked to wash the hair the very next day of the surgery, so that the dried blood is removed and washed away. One thing must be kept in mind, that the shower and the flow of the water must be mild, and it should be strictly avoided on the same day as the surgery. The healing of the scalp begins soon after this wash. The washing removes the blood and its stains. The hair must be gently dried and not with any vigour.

During first 15 days:

Initially, in the first 10 to 15 days, the hair and the scalp must not be itched, scratched or rubbed. These natural processes can be resumed after the grafts are fixed properly in the splits made in the recipient area. The use of shampoo must be as prescribed by the specialist. Generally, baby shampoo can be used in every two days with gentle flow of water. Also, if required, the hair can be washed twice day without any shampoo or external liquid.
Once the scars at the donor area begin to heal, it itches a lot. In this case, the scabs must not be pulled and itching must be avoided. we use hair transplant best technique for hair loss problems.

After 10 to 15 days:

Post the surgery of 10-15 days, the hair can be regularly washed and can be gently rubbed. By gently rubbing, the scars will be healed and the scabs will be removed gently.


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