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What is Hair Transplantation? Hair transplantation is basically a surgical process which required great techniques and hard-core skills. Hair transplantation is doing very good in the market since very long. Using such technological advanced technique is not a new thing anymore. Hair transplantation is taking place in almost every corner of the world. The demand for Hair Transplant in Dubai is increasing day by day. It is also the matter of the fact that now Dubai is having a great deal of technological expertise. Reasons for Hair loss The percentage of people suffering from hair loss is multiplying. The noted Reasons for Hair loss are, Stress, because it weakens the roots which result in hair loss. Unhealthy eating habits, consumption of food directly affects the body, skin and hair. If you are not providing your body with proper vitamins and minerals then one can see the depleting conditions of the body including hair loss. Harmful chemical based hair products, yes, it is true, and these days there are thousands of hair products available in the market which includes hair bleaching and other such chemicals which damages the follicles. Genes are also responsible for the loss of hair if your forefathers suffered from early hair loss, then the chances for you are also high. When is the need for Hair Transplantation? Losing hair can lead to depression for some people. Rather getting into depression phase, it is better to undergo hair transplantation surgery to save yourself. If you are young and in your 20s and going through hair loss, it could be disturbing, so hair transplant is there to help you out. Even if it is genetic, it can be cured. Another reason is when you are in a show business, you work as an actor, stage artist, anchor or you are into modelling field, where looks matters. You should choose hair transplantation to steal the show every time. A normal person can also desire for hair transplant and the reason could be very simple, you want to look and feel good. There are no such constraints for the reasons to have hair transplantation surgery. What are the hair transplant techniques? Hair Transplantation is the process includes two terminologies, Donor site and Receiver site. The donor site is the area from where the hair follicles are extracted and receiver site is the place where one is observing baldness. The donor area is selected by checking the availability of the hair follicles that have to be genetically strong. There are principally two the hair transplant techniques:

  • Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) - In this process, a small patch is removed from the donor site which is here mainly considered to be from the back of the head. The small strip is actually tissues. Then the hair from that patch is individually put into the area where hair transplant was planned. This process is beneficial if the receiver’s area is vast and great numbers of grafts are required in an exclusive session. This technique does leave scars of the line at the back, but eventually, scars fade.
  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE) - Individual follicles units are removed, the device used here gives minute punches of 0.6mm to 1.00mm in diameter. Removed individual grafts are then placed. FUE can be done in a single long sitting or you may design small multiple sessions. This method does not leave scars because it works on an individual basis, punctures are there but they are not visible. FUE heals faster. This is good for those who have a less vacant area over there receiver’s site.
Hair Transplant needs expertise      
Hair transplantation is a complex process, which should be performed by the expert and skilled people. In Dubai, the specialists are available so Hair transplant in Dubai has a high success rate.

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