Hair Transplant Cost in Moradabad

Hairs are the representative of someone’s personality. They can hide the age and baldness of an individual. But, nowadays people are suffering from hair loss in this modern world. Hairs can fall due to many factors such as aging, genetic, medical conditions, nutrition and diet, and lifestyle changes. As the age increases, hair follicles start deteriorating that leads to hair loss. Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, depression also can cause permanent or temporary hair loss.

This is a never-ending problem. Its continuation can make an individual’s scalp bald and look ugly.

But, people should not be disheartened as there has come a permanent solution for hair loss, that is, Hair Transplantation in Moradabad.

Moradabad is a famous tourist city in Uttar Pradesh. It has an advanced hair transplant technology. It has various famous and hi-tech hospitals which are accessible from all parts of India. These hospitals are equipped with the latest standardized equipment. Moreover, transplantation can be done at the very reasonable price that people can afford.

What does hair transplantation Surgery mean?

Hair transplantation has become very popular and trending nowadays. Hair transplantation surgery is a technique of removing hair follicles from one part of the body and implanting them in the balding part of the body.  The part from where hairs are removed is called the donor site and the part where hairs are implanted is called the recipient site.

Hair transplantation of various body parts can be done. Some of the parts are eyelashes, eyebrows, Moustache and beard hair, chest hair, and pubic hair and to fill in scars caused by accidents. To get permanently rid of baldness, an individual can opt for hair transplant treatment.

Techniques used in Hair Transplantation in Moradabad-

Below are the two famous hair transplant treatment techniques in Moradabad.

  1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

In FUE Hair Transplant in Moradabad, hair follicles are removed and transplanted individually. During this transplantation, each hair follicle is removed from the donor part individually with the help of a small punch. Then, the removed hair follicle is transplanted into the recipient part one by one. Repeat the procedure till enough follicular units are harvested. FUE Hair Transplant in Moradabad is a manual and little bit time taking process. But, it gives very natural results. Also, it leaves behind no marks.

  1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

FUT is one of the hair transplantation methods that involve removing a strip of tissues with hair. The tissues are removed from the donor area (back and side of the scalp) by the surgeon. The hair follicles removed are then transplanted in the recipient area, which is the scanty or bald area. This technique is often called as Strip method of hair transplantation.

Comparison between the two techniques of Hair Transplant-

Both the techniques differ in the way hair follicles are extracted from the donor part.

FUE is a relatively slow technique than FUT. But, it takes less time to heal as compared to FUT. FUE is a modern and advanced technique than FUT.

Both the techniques are fundamentally very different. However, both techniques aim to provide the same result in the end.

Benefits of Hair Transplantation in Moradabad-

Hair transplantation in this city will provide various benefits. Some of them are-

  1. Permanent and Natural results.
  2. Virtually Painless and No Side Effects.
  3. 100% Safe, Secure and trusted.
  4. Transplantation by Internationally Trained and Qualified Surgeons.​

 Hair Transplant Cost in Moradabad

 Hair transplant cost in Moradabad depends on the number of grafts to be transplanted. It also depends on the technique used for transplantation. The cost also depends on various factors such as the experience of the surgeon, the extent of hair loss, the location of the clinic etc.

The average cost for a primary Hair transplant session here in Moradabad is approximately Rs.55000. It also includes the cost of hair transplant surgery, blood tests, hair growth therapy sessions and many more.


Hair transplantation is a fantastic technique that can make the massive difference to the hair. It builds the confidence and improves one’s personality. Transplanted hairs grow like the natural hairs. They have natural look and feel. Also, they will again grow back same as the natural hair.

Hair transplantation surgery in Moradabad

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