Medication can be undertaken if one observes excessive shedding post hair transplant. Although this is a natural process, it must be carefully observed and not ignored. In case of more hair fall, a doctor must be consulted to prevent it. This shedding of hair cannot be prevented; however, in case of excessive hair fall following things can be done:


Finasteride is a FDA approved drug for hair loss. It controls the development of male pattern baldness, hair loss and hair miniaturization in men. It can be helpful in decreasing the shedding after the procedure.

Camouflaging Products
One can use camouflaging agents/ products if the shedding after the procedure is bothering. These products can help with covering the shedding areas by adding volume and giving thickness. These are generally hair building fibres and one can stop using these products once the transplanted hair started growing.

All these tips will be useful in preventing any hair fall. Over and above that, the surgeon must be chosen carefully and should be an experienced one. The surgeon should be wary of the equipment used and must sterilize them for hygiene purposes.

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