What causes hair loss?

Infections related to scalp are a potent cause of hair loss. This is due to ringworm, as a result of which skin and both hair root and strands are badly affected, which leads to irreparable loss to hair. There is a tendency among some to pull their hair just like that, which is associating with psychological patterns. This disorder is called trichotillomania. Imbalances and changes due to hormonal imbalances also lead to hair loss that might be of temporary nature. This hormonal imbalance is due to thyroid glands that affects hair follicles. Sometimes, immune system also takes a back seat, and this A variety of conditions can cause hair loss badly. This in turn leads to circular shaped patches on the scalp. While some medicines can also lead to hair loss, mention may be made of medicines related to cure of depression, high blood pressure, arthritis and others.

Stress is considered one of the main reasons of hair loss. Another important factor is related to sedentary life style, with lack of proper physical exercise. This causes disequilibrium among body’s orchestration of glands leading to lack of blood circulation in other body parts, and hair are no exception to this. The diet that is not rich in minerals, like, iron, vitamins, protein can also lead to lack of adequate supply of these crucial elements to scalp from where each and every hair strand takes its energy, hence causing hair loss.

Hair styling also has a lot to do with hair loss. Hair that is regularly exposed to styling of different types every now and then causes damage to hair. This disrupts the natural direction of hair and their turn and groom. Styling hair in opposite directions, tying them too hard, like, pigtails, leads to stress and extra pressure on hair causing them weakness, and reluctantly loss. Using very pointed combs, combing hair frequently also badly affect hair growth, and causes hair to fall.

Some hereditary aspects have also an equal role to play in hair loss. It is often observed that parents with less hair, have their children having hair loss ailment right during their youth time. While aging is the most common reason, people who grow old, have to have hair loss process. While among other reasons, male patterned genetic hair loss due to male sex hormones is quite accepted reason.

Other notable causes being, lack of Vitamin B leading to deficient levels. People who anemic i.e are having iron deficiency have to have hair loss process setting in. Sometime excessive weight loss leads to hair loss as well. Chemotherapy that is given to cancer patients is another cause that sets in this process. Alopecia areal that means overactive immune system also leads to hair loss.


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