With the severity of Hair loss issues all over the world, other than creating best hair transplant surgeons in the world, Science has also played an important role in aiding to the solution for hair loss. From primitive hair restoration technologies of using the strip method to the latest robotic assisted ARTAS system, receding hair line is no more a big issue. Already many steps have been taken to support technologies that cure and treat hair fall. These are not only efficient, but also cost effective. There are further advancements in hair transplant and hair loss treatments which have given rise to new treatments like Laser Comb and Biostem method. Let us know the five most important and advanced technologies of hair restoration:

ARTAS System:
This is a Robotic device which is controlled by the physician himself, who is perhaps the best hair transplant surgeon in the world. This is an ergonomic device that allows the physician to work more efficiently and quickly. It identifies and implant healthy follicles directly from the donor area to the required area. This is a very subtle and natural looking process that is an addendum to the latest technologies being used in the cosmetic world. The Physicians are able to perform the hair transplant with much ease and less time. This method is widely used for Follicular unit Extraction.

This is a device that aids hair restoration surgeons harvest hair follicles during a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant by minimizing the pressure during extraction and transplant. This not only eases the specialists but also the patients. This device is composed of an adjustable, slowly rotating, motorized punch and a pneumatic pressure suction device. This pressure suction device helps to extract the follicular unit and aids in sliding it to the required area. All this is ergonomic and much faster than manual extraction and implantation.

Biostem Method:
This being one of the advanced techniques of Hair transplant is widely used by the best surgeons of the world. This stem cell method uses a combination of the patients own blood, utilization of growth factors, laser treatments for bio-photo stimulation, and a nutraceutical designed to stimulate hair follicle growth. This process is painless and minimally invasive procedure. It is permanent solution to common types of hair loss (that which are not cause by autoimmunity) like androgenic alopecia.
This process is now clinically proven and FDA cleared to be used as treatment for hair loss by all the best surgeons of the world. This process uses low level laser therapy (LLLT), which emits photo energy – both painless and non-toxic. This process works for women and men equally well. Hair Max Laser Comb utilizes laser phototherapy to stimulate hair follicles. According to Hair Max, when the hair follicle suffers from poor blood flow or a hormone by product called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hair follicle progressively diminishes until it’s permanently gone. By bathing the scalp with gentle, nourishing laser light, these follicles are then infused with the energy necessary to stimulate growth factors, extend the growth phase and help in restoring a healthy hair cycle . Additionally, laser phototherapy hair loss treatments help increase blood flow to the scalp and eliminate DHT which causes hair fall. 

With numerous successful researches being done in the field of hair transplant, HypoThermosol is also one of them. Under this technique, the specialists preserve the tissues for transplant that is to be implanted to the bald area. Unlike primitive method of preserving the hair follicles in sugar saline, HypoThermosol is now a better and widely used method by the best hair transplant surgeon in the world. This enables the hair tissue to live longer live longer and also provide better results of hair transplant.

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