Hair loss is concerned with the problems related to beauty. The hair loss problem has reached to quite an alarming situation. Cure basically refers to preserve, to take care, to regenerate. And, when related to hair, it is the procedure to prevent the hair loss by following various techniques of treatment that varies from natural ingredients to chemicals. However, the natural treatment is quite a safe bet, since it does not have any side effects. Whereas, medicinal treatments of other diseases, like, cancer, high blood pressure, depression already have side effects in the form of hair loss. The natural treatments have been in practice since ancient times, and there are references in Egyptian civilization, when herbs were used to cure hair.

Curing hair starts right with the diet itself that should include rich minerals, iron, Vitamins, proteins. Going further, an adequate amount of physical activity is also important. Stressful tendencies, anxieties are some patterns that are to be avoided from daily life styles. Moreover, hair styling is something that one does not have to get obsessed with. Experimenting new hair styles is also to be avoided as much as possible. While applying onion peels and scrubbing on scalp is a good practice, massaging scalp with castor oil applied through palms is also going to cure hair with good returns. Aloe Vera is also an important supplement that if applied with the wheat germ oil and coconut milk mix and formed a paste, can do wonders to cure hair. Egg white that is mixed with oil of olive and applied on the scalp and then washed gently with the help of shampoo also preserves hair.

The most important caring is how to wipe hair after washing them, It is always better to wipe hair that are dried naturally, and not to towel them when they are wet. Then hair is to be towelled gently and softly considering that they have just taken batch and hair are like babies that need to be cuddled as well. Mustard oil and henna to be mixed and applied can also serve as a source of cure for hair. Like body, hair also needs to be nourished. And, applying curd, milk on hair can serve this purpose.

Fenugreek seeds that are grind with water and then applied on scalp, make hair full of life due to their nutrient value, that cause hair strand to be healthy. Paste of black pepper and lime seeds that are grind well, and then gently put on scalp can also give the required cure to hair. Another important cure comes from the application of Coconut oil. Red grams that are mixed with pigeon pea and formed into a paste and applied gently on scalp throughout the head. While the cure as mentioned above are available, but, the process of their application is equally important. The mixture/paste/residue is to be put on the scalp overnight, and then shower cap is to be put. This may be followed for 25-30 minutes, and then hair needs to be washed gently with the help of shampoo. And,not to forget the hair towelling process that will be gently and smooth. Any of these processes will help lend strength to the follicles.


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