So, you must be having knowledge regarding hair transplant surgery. During procedure graft extraction and its placement is a major process. Basically, graft is the term used for the unit or spot of the tissue containing one or additional hair that is far from the permanent hair bearing area and implanted into the recipient site. If you have made your mind for hair transplant surgery, correct assessment ought to be done which involves the clinical history and examination. 

Estimation of the donor and the recipient area is necessary
Assessment of donor and recipient area is significant because it ensures the depletion in undue graft wastage. Once the ultimate counsellings and pre-operative blood investigations are completed, the patient is suggested to return on the procedure date. Surgical directions are provided to the patient.

Graft extraction is one of the vital steps in hair implantation 
To extract the donor graft ought to be of acceptable size, micro punch is used for this purpose. One needs to detain in mind the depth and the angulations of the donor hair in order to minimize the transaction. The graft ought to be handled with extreme care once it’s out of the scalp and is kept unbroken in suitable storage solution in order that its viability isn’t compromised. The recipient sites created at exact depth as well as at correct angle keeping in mind the direction and angle of the natural hair. In order to avoid graft popping out and to maintain proper density, the distance between grafts should be proper. Further, while placing the grafts bleeding should be controlled else it could come out of the recipient site


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