We all know about hair transplant procedure and how it works. However, majority of people are worried and confused about when it comes to hair transplant scars, are they visible?
The cause is that there are two distinct types of hair transplant techniques, and everyone conveys it in a different kind of scarring. One method of hair transplant can give you obvious scar, while other one does not.

FUT hair transplant
One of the most famous and well-known method of hair transplant is called Strip Technique. It is also known as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant). Till now you might have understood by the name of this technique, your expert will expel a strip of your scalp and essentially transplant it somewhere else on your head (it is done under local anaesthesia). This is because the solid hair keeps on developing
So, that the hair keeps on coming on the new parts of the head. The location from which the strip is expelled is then sutured, which leaves behind scar after healing. The colour, size, and thickness of the scar rely on upon various aspects such as how skilled your specialist is, and the condition of your scalp.

A professional expert who is performing the hair transplant surgery on a healthy scalp might leave a little scar. The best method to hide any scar caused due to surgery is to wear hair over it. If the surgery is performed carefully, then the scar will only become visible when either you get a short hairstyle or go for a clean shave.

FUE hair transplant
On the other hand, the second most popular type of hair transplant is FUE. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. Instead of leaving and replacing the entire strip of scalp, the hair follicles are excluded one by one and then put in the location of the scalp that is witnessing hair thinning. This technique requires additional expertise and time and also it can be bit expensive, since latest technology or equipment’s are used for accuracy.

How to avoid scars?
One of the best way to get minimum scars from your hair transplant surgery is to visit a skilled professional, who can deliver you excellent results and leave no scars behind. You will be having some scars from hair transplant surgery which is quite obvious. While, you should visit the best hair transplant surgeon who can make sure that your scars are comparable less visible and can be easily covered under hair.


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