If you are suffering from the hair loss problem or you have baldness problem, then Hair transplant is the best answer for you. It is very much important for you to be known about all the facts of hair transplant before you are going for this procedure. You can visit to a surgeon who knows more about the hair transplant treatment.

With the way of health-related treatment, the more you know about the procedure the better result will you get in this procedure. And just like any other type of procedure this is also valid to hair transplants. Those times are gone when people did not take care of their bodies. Now, the things have changed very much and most people want to know more about their physical illness and improve it as much as possible.

A wise and educated person is now aware about his health condition, which could be helpful. No one can know about one’s health than the person himself. If you’re aware about your own health condition, then it is easy for the surgeon to deliver you better results. However, many people still have a very little knowledge about the hair transplant treatment. Now we are sharing some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with you which will help you to understand hair transplant procedure in a good manner.

From where will the hair come?

Just like other surgeries, the patient himself is the contributor in the hair transplant process. The hair is taken from the scalp’s parts which is known as donor sites.

What’s the position of these donor sites?

Donor sites are those parts on the patient’s head which haven’t observed any hair thinking or hair loss. In many cases of hair loss, a person loses hair on topmost part of their head, but the hair sheds from the sides. This means the back and side of the scalp are the zones from where the hair is taken for use, along with the tissue and follicles.

Does the donor site decide a good aspirant for the action?

It is the most vital requirements to regulate whether a person is eligible for the hair transplant treatment or not. You must know the facts the tissue, hair and follicles that are taken away from the donor, but there should not be any bald patch of the donor site as the surgeon will stitch the areas very wisely and the change will be barely visible.

How donor hair is used?

After the removal of the donor hair is finished, the transplantation process takes place. The hair is close to the small slots which is made by hair transplant surgeon. A graft includes several (not more than four) hair follicles.

Is it important to consider hair density?

Hair density can be pronounced as the sum of hair follicles you’ve got for every square centimeter of scalp. Extra hair grafts can be performed when scalp laxity and hair density is high.

Does the normal hair growth disturb hair transplantation?

Hair won’t grow in just one way. It grows on many orders on different zones of a scalp. It is quite important that hair is transplanted by a skilled surgeon, so that it grows in the good and right direction.


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